First solo VINYL ONLY on Laboratory

For his first solo Vinyl Only, Ange Siddhar navigates between his usual groove and dark influences. Delivering four tracks melting Techno, Acid and Minimal styles featuring two of his closer parisian friends: Cesko & Illan Nicciani.

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Live Rex Club Online

Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani @ Rex Club Official Fan Page 
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Inverse Prod 01.01.16

Le Rex Club est un club situé à Pa

'No Stress' feat. Hellvaine is OUT NOW !

Ange Siddhar is back on Laboratory, bringing in the French talent Hellvaine for a first collaboration. Returned from the UK to its home country, the newcomer Hellvaine presents a relaxing techno mix, with arpeggios and aerial voices. His track 'No Stress' will make you relax and close your eyes <3